Katherine graduated with a 3.9 GPA from SAIT with a Diploma in Library Information Technology in 2014.  She is now happily employed as a Resource Consultant.

“Before I started with Spectrum Advantage I had a hard time finding a job because even though I would land an interview, when it was done they would tell me someone with more experience had gotten the position or that I wasn’t quite what they were looking for. After I joined the program, Spectrum Advantage helped me to communicate my point more clearly so people were more likely to consider me for the job. The program has helped me gain employment by providing me with supportive job coaches who all have kept an eye out for any positions they thought I might like that I may not have found on my own. The program has taught me how to retain employment by understanding that not everything is done the same as past places I have worked in and to accept that change is good and beneficial sometimes. My life has changed since I graduated from the program in that I now have a better understanding of what the people who interview me want to hear. The thing that stuck out to me about the program was that they understood the way I thought and tried to help me get into the mind(s) of our interviewers and employers so we could understand the way they wanted the project or reports to be done and help avoid confusion over the difference between positive, negative and neutral feedback. The program was a great help in finding me a job that I love going to every day with a company that I enjoy working at. I am working in their library helping to inventory, research possible expansion options and making the library more uniform by making all the spine labels the same. The program was a huge help. Thank you to everyone at Spectrum Advantage!” 


Kenzie has a Master’s Degree in Journalism and experience in content management and social media.  Over the past seven years as a journalist, Kenzie has published over 250 articles. 

“I greatly appreciate the help I received from Spectrum Advantage.  Before enrolling in the program, I had spent the past several months searching for a job, attending numerous interviews without success.  Spectrum Advantage helped me identify areas where I needed to improve, and skills I already had that I could build on.  I credit it with improving my interview skills and enabling me to find employment.  I also appreciated the sense of purpose participating in Spectrum Advantage gave me.  I enjoyed attending class each day, meeting the other participants, and learning that I’m not alone in the employment challenges I’ve faced.”


Faraz is a highly educated wed developer with a Bachelor of Applied Communications in Electronic Publishing and a Certificate with Honours in Web Developing from SAIT. 

“Before Spectrum Advantage, I had difficulty finding a job, had trouble with small talk, and interviews.  From Spectrum Advantage, I learned about teamwork, what to put on a resume, appropriate and inappropriate small talk in the workplace, interviewing skills, and how to be flexible.  I am now more comfortable with interviews and making small talk.  I believe this program can help a lot of people.  I also helped design their website and they helped me find a part time job at Independent Living Resource Centre of Calgary.”