Prospective Employers

Welcome to Spectrum Advantage

Spectrum Advantage is a four-month work experience program that helps employers see the advantages of hiring people who live on the Autism Spectrum.

The unique qualities of autistic minds often make for excellent employees. Spectrum Advantage offers companies an opportunity to connect with an untapped, undiscovered talent pool and benefit from their specialized skills. Our program offers qualified individuals the opportunity to gain valuable professional work experience within the digital economy.


  • Little to No Recruitment Costs
         We will manage the entire recruitment process at no cost to your business.
  • Offset Training Costs
         In the first twelve weeks of a placement, employers are offered a bursary to offset any training costs.
  • Appropriately Skilled Employees
         Many of our graduates come into the program with post-secondary education and/or skills.
  • ASD Support for Both Employees and Employers
         We will help to bridge any gaps between employers and employees for the first twelve weeks.
  • ASD Training
         Our four week classroom training provides students the tools they need to become successful employees

Understanding Autism: An Employer’s Guide

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