I hired someone with a disability before and it didn’t work out. Why should I try again?

If you hired someone with brown hair, and it didn’t work out, would you hire someone with brown hair again? Everyone is unique and come with different skill sets. Our ASD consultants are ready to support both you and our graduates through weekly coaching and communication during employment. 

I don’t know anything about the Autism Spectrum. Do you charge a fee for training my staff?

We provide training to employers and staff at no cost.

Do employees on the Autism Spectrum work slower than regular employees or have higher frequencies of accidents?

Although a person on the Autism Spectrum may require more detailed instructions when learning a task, the employer can expect a comparable or exceeded rate of production to that of a neurotypical employee. Recent statistics indicate that there are much lower rates of accidents with people with disabilities in the workplace.

Who can I contact if I have a question about one of your graduates?

Spectrum Advantage provides each partner company with an HR Consultant professional with an extensive background in ASD.

Do your graduates require support people to work alongside them?

Not usually. Here at Spectrum Advantage, we provide the level of support required for an employee to be successful. However, our participants are screened before entering the program for their employment readiness.